Our Vision

Wicked Development


Our vision at Wicked Development is simple…we plan to streamline and automate every day tasks, to help reduce the time and hassle of manually entering data and other information. We understand the value of time and how important your business is to you. We’d like to help in any way we can - from creating and/or helping with your website, to inventory management and notifications…and this is only the beginning! Wicked Development is planning on expanding in a rapid rate to offer more programs and services to help small businesses get off on the right foot, and for established companies to continue growing.


Executive Director

Our web designers are experts in the Shopify platform with experience in multiple alterations in theme designs, content editing, and search engine optimization. Anything from vendors to retailers…our inventory management programs keep you synced so you don’t sell something you’re not able to fulfill, and help focus on sales. Is something out of stock? No problem, our InStock application allows your customer to receive a notification by email or text as soon as the product they want becomes available. Have a program in mind? We’ll be more than happy to help implement your ideas to create something that will fit your needs perfectly. Contact us today to take the first step towards a simpler, stress and hassle free workflow.

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